Tuesday, October 11, 2011


This is where I found Collin and his neighbor friend, Allyssa.

I suppose at two years old you can get away with it.

In a little over a decade, it might need to be squashed.

You see, my adorable two year old, Collin, has been luring his (mostly) female companions into the house with the line, "Do you want to see my bed?"

Then he adds, "It's a Batman bed."

His two year old admirers eagerly accept his offer, and toddle right behind him up the stairs and into his room. Inevitably, I'll discover he and his companion nestled among the Batman sheets. They'll both giggle and appear pleased as punch.

At his age, there's no romantic notion to it. He merely adores his Batman sheets. More importantly, he's proud of his newfound big boy status.

For now, I'll let him parade his big boy bed among his companions.

When he's truly a big boy, we'll have to talk.

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