Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Beginning of Fall Break

It's fall break for Connor. We're planning to make it a staycation, filling our days with dear friends and local fun.

Last night, we headed over to our friends, the Maxwells, to enjoy a pizza dinner topped off with s'mores for dessert. In between bites, the boys had a ball jumping on a bounce house rented by the Maxwells (the Dads even got in on the fun).

We finished the evening with the kids nestled on the couches watching a movie. The adults snuggled under blankets, huddled around their outdoor fireplace. We enjoyed spending the evening catching up with such dear friends.

Day two of fall break was spent with our friends, the Brinkruffs. We attended Mia Brinkruff's first birthday party. The boys adored running around with the other kids, and I loved catching up with Claudia. It was fun watching Mia daintily graze on our birthday cake (no huge fistfuls for Mia, just ladylike bites). After cake, I squeezed in a few hugs and snuggles with my little friend, Mia.

Where I found Cooper.

After the party, the boys and I stopped by Fort Harrison State Park. The glorious weather and multicolored foliage provided an excellent backdrop for lots of outdoor play.

The boys ended the day tired, but happy.

More to come....

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