Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cooper's Contraband

Caleb proudly displaying his Japan project.

When I picked Cooper up from preschool yesterday, his teacher pulled me aside. She whispered, "Do you know what Cooper brought to school today?"

My heart dropped and I racked my brain for all the possible items he could have brought to school. A living creature? Explosives? Priceless Antiques?

She continued, "He had these scissors in his backpack." Then, she displayed full size, super sharp adult scissors.

My face went pale. How could this happen, I wondered? I placed his lunchbox into his backpack just seconds before he entered the carpool car. At that time, his backpack seemed completely free of any contraband. Did he really find the time to sneak in a pair of scissors?

The teachers admitted Cooper didn't use the scissors for any malignant purpose. No one was hurt, including Cooper. They said Cooper seemed very eager to share the contents of his backpack with teachers and students alike. (And, I heard the word spread like wildfire among the staff.)

I gushed with apologizes and professed my complete ignorance on the matter. Then, I glanced over at Cooper. He beamed and stared at the scissors with pure admiration.

I scooped up my son and rushed him into the car. I demanded to know why on Earth he would bring scissors to school.

He smiled and then answered, "To open my chip bag at lunch."

I sighed and said, "You can just ask your teacher to help."

He contemplated the possibility, but seemed less pleased with the alternative. I imagined he was thinking, "But where's the sense of adventure in that?"

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