Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Break Fun

The weather hovered in the 60s today, swimsuit season for the Wood boys. The two middle boys easily shed more season appropriate attire for barely there swim trunks. Then, they dug into the pool toys and pulled out the garden hose. It was a party, and they enjoyed every minute of it.

I watched the spectacle from the kitchen, pondering whether I should insist they pull on more practical garments. My physician husband pushed my concerns aside and advised me to let "boys be boys." And so, they continued to frolic.

Just as the outdoor play peaked, my generous neighbor, Michelle, approached the boys clutching loaded trash bags. She placed the bags on our deck, and let the boys peruse the contents. They squealed with delight when they discovered the bags were packed with toys donated by Michelle's rapidly growing son.

To the boys, it was as if St. Nicholas himself had descended on our house, and they treated the rest of the day like Christmas morning. They were having so much fun, I barely heard a peep out of them the rest of the afternoon. That is, until the karaoke machine was unearthed.

Among the cars and games nestled a karaoke machine. Cooper was in love. He soon realized by using the microphone, his voice got EVEN LOUDER. Genius, he thought. He clutched the microphone and belted out "We will Rock You" and "Break Your Heart." He'd alternate between solo performances and duets (Chris being his most frequent vocal partner). As deafening the sound, I couldn't help but giggle. Cooper threw so much gusto into his performances, pairing his vocal talents with some shimmies, wiggles, and twists. A star was born, at least in his mind.

The boys ended the day happy, and Cooper had a twinkle in his eye that wouldn't go away.

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