Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Recap

Getting into the spirit of Halloween, thanks to some "goodies" from my sweet neighbor, Michelle.

Mrs. Borgmann, Headmaster at Caleb's school, kicks off the school Halloween parade in style.

Caleb gears up for his school Halloween parade.

Caleb and pal, Gus, enjoy the school party.

Counting down to Trick or Treat.

Emma shares her Halloween map with Caleb and friends.

Caleb, Emma, and friends enter into a huddle/pep talk seconds before trick or treating.

Cooper and pal, Annika, strike a menacing pose.

The neighborhood kiddos pause for photos before they dash door to door.

It's become a tradition. Every Halloween, the neighborhood kids congregate at the same location for the annual Halloween parade. Kids and parents alike collectively march down the block. The intent is for the parade to be a slow promenade, but it rapidly transforms into a dash. (Who knew Caleb could move so fast when motivated by candy?) Once they arrive at the stop sign, the kids know to pause and humor mom and dad with a few photos. But, the minute the last camera flashes, the group disperses and it because every man for himself when candy's involved.

This year, we let Caleb trick or treat alone with a friend. At the parade, he met up with Emma, his seven-year-old friend. Emma clutched a homemade map of the neighborhood. She held it up, and explained to Caleb and others that it plotted the way to hit every single house in the neighborhood by 7 p.m. Caleb's interest piqued. He listened to her presentation and invited himself along, hoping to reap the benefits of Emma's well-thought out plans. Just for good measure, minutes before the parade, Emma and Caleb gathered neighborhood kids into a huddle. Standing shoulder to shoulder, Emma offered a pep talk and loads of encouragement to her friends. The kids placed their hands in the center and shouted on cue, "Halloween." With that, the parade began.

A little before 7, Caleb strolled into the house, lugging a plastic bag loaded with goodies. He declared their Halloween mission a success, insisting they visited practically every house in the neighborhood. He even recounted which houses (by number, thanks to Emma's map) distributed the best candy. Yes, some houses actually give out king-size candy bars! Caleb was delighted and delirious at the same time.

The other boys made out well too. Connor spent much of his time trick or treating with school friends and their parents. He enjoyed the camaraderie as much as the candy. Cooper treated the evening more as a sport, than a holiday. He spent much of the night dashing between houses with Chris trailing behind. Collin didn't adore the holiday, and much preferred passing out candy with me from the comforts of a warm home.

By 8, we ushered the boys to bed, patting them down to ensure no contraband candy landed in their beds. They went to bed happy, and full.

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