Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Karaoke Machine

Cooper still enjoying new beloved hand-me-downs from our tween neighbor.

Connor had his very first sleepover with his friend, Ethan.

The boys spent Connor's last day of fall break frolicking around a playground in 70 degree weather!

Karaoke Machine: Day Two

The moment the boys awoke, they made a beeline for the karaoke machine. Before I had a chance to snatch the microphone, Cooper was belted out tunes at a volume only appropriate for a crowded nightclub. My poor husband, slumbering away upstairs, awoke with quite a jolt. I snagged the microphone and explained to the boys the karaoke machine's appropriate hours, in the least after breakfast. Forlornly, they separated but not without a great deal of protests.

As the day progressed, I allowed them back on the machine. The boys soon discovered echo mode and realized it would be "super fun" to say all those taboo terms/phrases into the microphone. With the added volume and cool sound effects, saying things like "stinky head" and "fluffer head" seemed so much funnier to the boys. To me, it sounded much like nails sliding down a chalkboard.

They also discovered, they could utter their demands/wants of their mother into the microphone, and I'd hear it anywhere around the house. They quickly concluded the karaoke machine was much more effective in getting my attention than simply shouting it out, or maybe even ringing a bell. Throughout the day, I would be peacefully be performing some form of housework around the house, when I'd hear things like, "Mom, where's my snack? " or "When's dinner?" At the volume the words were disseminated, it almost sounded like the voice of God booming through the rafters. But then I realized, it was merely the karaoke machine..again.

I finally concluded as owners of the karaoke machine, additional rules would have to be set on the content disseminated from the machine (via the boys). We established the house rules for speech and actions applied with or without a microphone. Enough said.

As much as I initially loathed the karaoke machine, I'm developed a warmth for our new electronic addition. Watching the boys playing with one another and giggling uncontrollably makes me smile. Perhaps I can live with the noise as long as the laughter comes with it.

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