Sunday, October 23, 2011

Muncie Children's Museum

The boys selected another fall break excursion. Today, we headed to Muncie and hit the Muncie Children's Museum. The boys really loved the museum, but specifically the Garfield exhibit (Jim Davis was a Ball State grad after all).

On the way back from Muncie, I noticed Cooper tugging on his ear. Then, he began to whimper. Soon, the truth came tumbling out of the backseat (with all the brothers providing additional information). Cooper stuck a pebble in his ear that became lodged within the ear canal.

We drove immediately to the ER where Chris plopped him on the gurney and handed him a sucker. Just as Chris pulled out a long metal instrument and moved towards the gurney, Cooper was able to wiggle the pebble free.

As we left the room, I told the nurses Cooper could turn into an ER regular. They laughed, but I didn't.

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