Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Nemsis: Batman

Enjoyed a birthday dinner with my friend since childhood, Erin. Had a great girls only dinner!

He's supposed to be the good guy. His heroic exploits are legendary, and chronicled on the pages of countless books and magazines. He's Bruce Wayne by day, Batman by night. Clad in superhero garb and a cape, he acts as a savior of sorts to those in distress.

But, he's no hero to me. In fact, Batman has become my nemesis. Before you grow concerned, I'll clarify: a Batman Imaginext toy has become my nemesis.

You see, Collin has grown extremely attached to a Batman Imaginext toy. In fact, it's so frequently in his hand that I'm wondered if it will somehow morph into an extra appendage. Collin loves it so much, that parting with it has become unthinkable. Tiffs over where Batman is (and is not) welcome are frequent.

Batman sleeping in Collin's bed.

Batman riding with him in the car.

Batman going to preschool...or church.

Collin responded as if his little world was crashing down. In every which way possible, he showed us his displeasure.

As I listened to the wails, I cursed Batman.

Today we realized his one special Batman toy is MIA. I can honestly say it was not the victim of any sort of foul play or sabotage. But, I can also say no tears were shed by this mother.

The celebrating didn't last too long before I eyed him clutching another Batman toy.

And, it continues...

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