Friday, October 14, 2011

Pajamas Day

The evening view from our back porch.

Connor and his friend, Nick, participated in pajama day at Stonegate Elementary School.

It was pajama day at Connor's school. Connor was very excited to participate, and selected his very best jammies for the occasion: a Spider-man barely there, super snug, short set (sans underwear). After some prodding, he was convinced to ditch Spider-man and pull on the more modest Lego Star Wars pajamas (with underwear). Wise choice.

The little boys didn't want to miss out on the fun; so, I enacted pajamas day at home too. It seemed a little decadent to lounge around the house in pajamas all day, but it was fun for the little boys and bred a feeling of rest (while encouraging more sedate play!).

With the mellower house vibe, I tried my darnedest to convince Cooper to nap. We sprawled out on his bed, laying cheek to cheek. I closed my eyes and teetered on the verge of slumber when Cooper jumped up on the bed and screamed, "I'm a rock star. Na Na Na Na," as he strummed his air guitar. My eyes would flash open just in time to watch him barreling down, full force, onto my stomach. Then, he erupted into uncontrollable giggles. Such was the cycle for awhile, until I got the hint: Cooper was not one bit interested in a nap.

Fortunately, Cooper could be convinced to do quiet time. As the house fell silent, I sneaked into my room and crawled under the sheets. Rarely have I indulged in a midday siesta, but today sleep came quickly and easily. I slumbered for less than a half an hour, but it was enough to lightened my disposition and brighten my mood.

I'm thinking we'll enact pajamas day more often!

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