Saturday, October 15, 2011

Redneck: A Sticky Situation

There are many a day when all I really want to know is "why."

Why would you consider placing (or rather grinding) gum all around your neck?

To which, Cooper had no reply.

Good old soap and water wasn't making a dent in the adhered gum. So, I took to the internet, in a hunt for the best homespun remedies.

Who knew peanut butter was the most recommended remedy?

I slapped a spoonful onto his neck (with the remainder falling into his mouth). Then, I ran a wet washcloth over the sticky surface. Most of the gum easily pulled away from the skin.

To remove the last pesky morsels of gum, I splashed hairspray on his neck (another Google recommendation). The last standing bits of gum fell away from the skin. Cooper's neck was finally plucked free of gum, but retained a crimson color from all the irritation and rubbing.

Cooper didn't appear the least bit upset about the turn of events. Rather, he seemed giddy, even basking in all the drama. He thought eating peanut butter by the spoonful during bath time was simply divine.
And, hairspray on the neck seemed to be a real treat.

Despite my best efforts to discourage and discipline, Cooper retained a twinkle in his eyes that's left me wary.

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