Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Connor's first basketball practice. He was so excited that he learned to run and dribble.

Connor engaged in a wee bit of misbehavior recently. Tonight, I sat him down and we dissected his recent actions. I imparted all my parental wisdom and then pushed the conversation deeper. I told him one of the reasons we're here on this Earth is to serve others.

He pondered my comments, and then said, "You don't serve others."

I gasped as I contemplated all the moments I served he and his siblings just within this particular day.

He continued, "When we went to Chicago, there was a mom and a baby asking for money. You didn't help them." Then, he started to tear up.

Even though we traveled to Chicago months ago, I remembered that mother and child. Chris and I were shuffling all four boys along Michigan Avenue when we glanced over at a disheveled mother, clutching a baby and a homemade cardboard sign. I clutched my boys hands a little tighter, and looked away. Connor stared at someone in need, while holding the hand of one with plenty. The contrast was not lost on him.

After Connor made his remarks, I first felt convicted. The phrase, "Do as I say, not as I do," kept running through my head. Then, I was confused. How do I explain to my six-year-old who you decide to serve? Can he understand that you can't serve/help everyone? Finally, I felt proud of my son. Connor shows a level of compassion that awes and inspires me.

I never fully answered all his questions, but I'm more aware of the little eyes that watch and learn from what I do and don't do.

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