Thursday, October 13, 2011


Collin's new big boy Star Wars pajamas.

Buried deep within the recesses of Connor's room, I unearthed his private "stash." The contents included:

two mini pumpkins
a handful of acorns
unopened snack bags
fistfuls of silly bands
mounds of Legos
..and on and on.

I pondered why my six year old needed to accumulate such an eclectic stockpile. Was he preparing for an apocalypse? Should we be concerned?

Connor revealed his true motive for amassing his "goodies." As I suspected, he was hoarding his most beloved items away from the hands of his three pesky brothers. Out of sight, out of mind, I suppose.

Although I fully understood, the heap had to be moved. I instructed Connor to place only his favorite inanimate, non-food items into a special box that he could keep on his bed. It was Connor's sophie's choice: Legos versus Pokemon cards? Silly bands or Superheroes? Erasers versus pencils?

Finally, Connor dwindled his goods into the confines of a small plastic box. He actually seemed pleased with his smaller, more organized stash.

Let's hope this continues.

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