Monday, November 7, 2011

Christmas Questions

A perfect rainy day activity: embellishing an inanimate Turkey.

The finished product.

Connor snuggled under the covers, readying himself for sleep. Minutes away from slumber, he suddenly jerked up in his bed.

"Mom, did you know some people don't get Christmas presents," he exclaimed with a hint of anxiety.

He continued, "They're even good kids and they still don't get Christmas presents."

He eyed me, eagerly waiting for my response.

I pondered how to answer.

From a series of Connor's recent questions, it appears he's comprehending some of the more grievous aspects of humanity. Poverty exists. Life isn't fair. Heartbreak happens. (And, throw in a couple of questions about Santa Claus too!)

I wanted to chirp back a rosy answer, a happy ending, a funny story. But, to provide truth, meant reveling the more morose aspects of life (in a manner best fit for a six-year-old). I acknowledged that some children don't get Christmas presents, but we could try to help. We brainstormed a couple of ideas.

He buried his head in the pillow. I turned out the light, wondering if there's really ever a good answer to his questions.

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