Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Remnants of snow still dotted our yard. There was not enough snow to cause problems, but just enough to add to little boy fun.

Lately, I've been thinking about all the contradictions I face as a mother. It seems all my boys are working on something, and it's the opposite of what another brother's working on.

For instance:

One boy needs to talk more, one needs to talk less.

One needs to venture outside more, one needs to stay inside more.

One needs to slow down, one needs to speed up.

One needs to be more serious, one needs to lighten up.

One needs to be more afraid, one needs to be less afraid.

One needs to be more attached, one needs to be less attached.

One needs to care less what peers think, one needs to care a little more about his peers.

Sometimes I think wouldn't it be easier if they were all the same, with the same challenges. But, their differences bring richness to our family, and gray hairs to one mother.

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