Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Euphoria of Snow, a Child's Perspective

The last few days, rain plummeted from the sky. The boys and I darted between rain pellets during our rare outdoor excursions.

This afternoon, the rain transformed to white flakes. This time, the flakes accumulated, blanketing our yard in ivory. The two youngest boys bundled up in wool hats and mittens, snow boots and puffer jackets. They dashed between the flurries, turning their heads towards the sky with mouths opened wide. They caught flurries on their tongues and devoured the slippery flakes.

My day unfurled in a flurry of errands and appointments. While they raced between flakes, I drove through them. While they devoured ice, I purchased groceries. While they smiled at the weather, I cringed.

I eyed the boys with a mixture of jealousy and admiration, remembering the euphoria of being a child on a snowy day.

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