Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's Back...

Late afternoon, I peered out my window and gazed at a sight I hadn't seen for months: snow. It was faint, and made me even question it's true identity. But, as it continued to fall, all doubts withered away. I was witnessing this season's first drops of snow. It drifted briefly, and then disappeared just as quickly as it arrived.

I stepped out of the house, walking towards the bus stop. Wet leaves crunched under my shoes. Grey clouds blanketed my head. I landed at the Johnson's house, and found my place among other parents anxiously waiting for the bus. We bemoaned the weather and the snow.

Within minutes, Connor's bus slid into the stop. As if on cue, the skies opened up again, and a fresh fleet of snowed poured from the clouds. Connor walked off the bus at the exact right moment for a new batch of snow.

The school children pressed their faces against the bus window. They gasped and ecstatic squeals whisked through the bus and flowed out to the stop. "Snow," they cried and the entire bus seemed to rock with jubilation.

Connor danced among the flakes, raising his head towards the heavens and pulling his mount into an O. He devoured the slippery flakes and smiled, perfectly content. Then, he rushed home, snow flakes drenching his coat and satchel.

I said my goodbyes to the other parents, but I noticed how our conversation about weather had ceased. The complaining halted when we watched the effect on our kids.

In a matter of minutes, the snow was gone. The white pellets melted to liquid puddles. Gazing at our backyard, one might never know snow ever landed. But, take one look at Connor, beaming, radiating, joyful, and you'd know.

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