Saturday, November 5, 2011

Play Set Club

Joined some friends in running the Monumental Mini. Beautiful weather. Good course. Great friends.

My friend, Miranda, and I strike a pre-race pose. She completed her first marathon today.

Keep in mind, we're completely landlocked! Caleb insisted on wearing this life jacket all afternoon.

Keep in mind, it's November. Cooper's wearing shorts.

A few neighbor kids congregated on our play set today. The boys eagerly joined the group. From the kitchen window, I gazed at the scene. The kids selected an eclectic mix of items to place in and around our play set. An umbrella. Bike helmets. Life jackets. Squirt guns. The group played contently and worked together.

Word spread into the kitchen that a club had been formed outdoors. Club members were requesting snacks. Snacks were delivered. I watched as all the kids grazed on snacks and chatted with friends.

A few minutes later, Caleb meandered indoors. He became my informant on club activities. Evidently, club members were plotting an excursion to McDonalds. Caleb, the voice of reason, reminded the group they lacked funds and transportation. According to Caleb, the kids conjured up all sorts of schemes to arrive at their coveted destination.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall!

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