Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Post Candy Syndrome

Connor works hard at basketball practice.

I've seen all the signs:

Sudden bursts of tears for no apparent reason.
Lack of focus.

I can only come up with one conclusion for the changed behavior: PCS (Post Candy Syndrome). Unfortunately, it appears that all four boys are suffering under it, and I know exactly when it started: Halloween night.

The symptoms first appeared when my boys returned from their trick-or-treating excursion. Between the four of them, they had collected enough candy to last them through adolescence. We allowed each boy to eat two pieces that night, but I strongly suspect a few boys may have fudged the rules.

The next morning, still clad in pajamas, they searched for their candy bags. They seemed disappointed (shocked even) that Snickers bars would not accompany their breakfast cereal. As the morning progressed, I noticed little boys continually sneaking off to clandestine locales within the house. When found, they'll swirl around in a panic, clutching empty candy wrappers and wearing a sheepish-chocolately stained grin. The boys began to resemble addicts, looking for their fix. Changes had to be made at fast.

After discussing my dilemma with friends, I've found a couple of good "homes" for our candy. Yesterday, the hard candy and gum was shipped off to my friend, Melinda's house. She plans to add them to Operation Christmas Child boxes. I'm planning to send more candy bags to a local dentist collecting them for the troops.

As I've thinned out our stash and added distance from Halloween, I've seen slivers of the boys I knew before. I'm hoping they're on the road to recovery...until next Halloween.

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