Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Releasing Batman

Caleb adores going to his doctor because her dogs hang out in the office. Today he asked if he could read them stories. It melted my heart when he sat by the dogs and read them a book.

Collin has an affinity for all things Batman. His admiration transcends mere delight to outright obsession. Batman attire fills his wardrobe. He carries a Batman backpack to school. He sleeps on Batman sheets. He clutches three pint size Batmen everywhere he travels.

Tonight, Collin pulled out the Batman cave. He maneuvered his three Batmen around the perimeters of the cave, mumbling stories about the bad guys and menacing weapons.

Older brother, Cooper, gazed at Collin and asked, "Can I play with your Batman?"

I held my breath, fully anticipating an explosion.

Collin stared at his most valuable possession, and then eyed his brother. Without hesitation, he planted his Batman into Cooper's hands. I observed the interaction with utter amazement. Collin just handed over Batman, no tears, no hysterics, no questions. He released it to his brother merely because his brother asked. Amazing!

It made me think about my morning's Bible study. We discussed how God wants us to release those things that hold us captive, meaning separate from God. I mulled over how that applied to my life and wondered if I had the strength to let go of the things I hold near and dear. Could I hand over my "Batmen" merely because He asked, without tears, theatrics, or hesitation?

Truth is, I'm not sure, but I'm learning a lot from my two-year-old.

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