Thursday, November 3, 2011


From yesterday:

I was perfectly content inside the confines of the kitchen. I stood near the sink, slicing a plump butternut squash into big chunks. Light jazz (a new favorite) floated through the house. Sunshine streamed through the kitchen window. The house was peaceful. How rare! How delightful!

As I savored those few serene moments, I gazed out the kitchen window. A mass of neighbor kids landed on our play set. My four boys appeared delighted to play host to the crowd. Joyful squeals swirled through the yard and into my kitchen. My quiet was shattered, but the clamor was pleasant.

I began to feel a magnetic pull towards the great outdoors. I resisted with all my might. Why would I even consider leaving such peaceful surroundings? But, then I saw my boys, and their friends, and the smiles.

I dropped the squash and stepped outdoors... into the sunshine and delight.

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  1. Hello! I found your blog from your great article in Momsense! I enjoyed your blog and pictures. I lead our MOPS group in northern Indiana, but I grew up in Indianapolis. Small world!