Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Sounds of Thanksgiving

A mom of an only child told me her son begged for siblings for years. Then, he visited a home with five kids. Her son was so overwhelmed with the commotion that he ran around alone outside just to find some solace. After that, he never asked for a sibling again.

I suppose I can relate to that little boy. There days I'd love to run around outside, hiding from the clamor and commotion that flows from a big family. At those time, I understand the phrase, "Silence is golden."

But, on Thanksgiving, the sounds that radiates from a house full of family is divine. The cries and coos of babies. The giggles of cousins. The laughs between siblings. The stories from grandparents. The praises of parents.

Although I spent the greater part of the last two days preparing and cooking, I think the food was secondary to the sounds of family.

No sweeter sound.

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