Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wasted time?

This evening I disciplined Cooper. Mid lecture, Cooper interjected by saying, "You're wasting your time." After a little prodding, he meant, I'll probably do it again.

I ruminated on his words and thought how well that summed up my general feelings from the day. It was one of those days where I questioned whether I was wasting my time.

I disciplined boys, just to turn around and discipline them again..for the same offense

I picked up rooms, and then spotted the same rooms, just minutes later, completely unraveled

I taught the boys important lessons, like placing dirty clothes in hampers, just to spot dirty laundry spewed all over the floor

Wasted time indeed, I huffed.

Entrenched in self pity, I put Collin to bed. I plopped down on his quilt and heard him whisper his bedtime prayer. With chubby hands folded, he said, "Thank you God for mommy."

I realized today was hard, but not wasted.

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