Saturday, November 19, 2011

Wood Boy Ingenuity: A Zip Line for Stuff Animals

The stuffed animal zip line concocted by the boys.

The battle scene. The boys explained it was the army versus the navy. I informed them those two groups fight on the same team. Chris interjected, "Unless you're talking football."

Mix a little free time with one distracted mother. Add four young boys with vivid imaginations. Stir well and, viola...ingenuity, Wood boy style.

This morning, I primped in the bathroom, checking periodically on the boys. Again, those familiar warning bells blared when silence blanketed the house. I peeked downstairs and noticed the boys had rigged a ball of yarn between door handles and banister knobs. Petrified looking stuffed animals, attached to paper clips, dangled from the string. Connor manned one end of the string and maneuvered the stuffed animals along with a rigged pulley system.

I scanned the living room, criss crossed with blue yarn, and asked the obvious, "What are you doing?"

To which the boys eagerly replied, "Making a zip line for our stuffed animals."

Of course they are.

I suppose I should be happy their creative juices flow so freely, especially when working as a group. Haven't other inventive brothers revolutionized the world? Think Wright, Manning, Bush, and Jonas (to name a few).

But I'm wondered why creativity isn't synonymous with tidiness.

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