Sunday, December 4, 2011

Airing Out Boys

This weekend we enjoyed several Christmas parties. The first party hosted by my childhood friend, Erin. Her family puts on a beautiful Christmas open house. My boys love running around with the kids and devouring all the Christmas goodies and punch.

Second Christmas party was hosted by my running friend, Marie. Enjoying some time with running buddies. Bummer the picture didn't come out better!

Finished the celebrating with a little birthday dinner for Chris. In a few weeks, he'll be 40 years young. We celebrated his youth with a few of his friends (mostly from work and residency).

A friend once said, "Boys need to be aired out every day." What she meant was: boys need a physical release of energy or they'll drive you and themselves batty.

With time, I've seen the truth to her words.

As the weather has cooled and daylight has shorted, I've prepared myself for the inevitable. It happens every year, right around this time. The boys transition from frolicking outdoors for hours to engaging in more sedate indoor play. The transition is never smooth. The boys seem physically unable to hamper their need for an energy release. As such, they treat the indoors like the outdoors for awhile. They race through the halls, dash up the stairs, and bounce balls over any and every surface. When they're not running around, they're messing around...with each other. Pretty soon, they resemble a cadre of professional wrestlers more than a friendly cluster of brothers.

On a day like today, I tried to give them a little grace and understanding. However, when I heard Connor tell his brothers, "Let's play Destruction downstairs," limits had to be set.

Time to do some airing out.

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