Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dunk Tank

Today, it became apparent to me that Cooper and I don't look at life the same way. I see objects and think of them in just the way they were meant to be used. Cooper looks at those same objects and sees possibilities.

This afternoon, I watched him transform regular household items into something magnificent, at least in his eyes. He first used our entry way rug coupled with some exercise equipment and created an elaborate racing track for his match box cars. After he tired of that, he headed outdoors.

This time, he snagged two metal buckets sitting in our garage (new handy-me-downs from my father) and filled them with water. Then, he perched a flimsy styrofoam snow sled over the top. He arranged a few other "finds" around his latest invention.

He motioned his brothers and me around the bucket. Then, he announced he made a dunk tank. He motioned to the sled, and indicated that one brother would need to sit on the sled and then he'd be dunked. Cooper added: the lucky brother had to be clad in a swimsuit.

Without hesitation, Connor bolted for the house, eager to be the first one to slip on a swimsuit.

That's when I intervened. I reminded the boys it was December and the temperature barely exceeded freezing. Perhaps the dunk tank was better suited for the summer.

Four boys sighed.

Then, I watched Cooper scanning the garage, trying to discover his next creation.

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