Friday, December 30, 2011


Caleb displaying one of the goodies he purchased with his Christmas money (caught him in a particularly disagreeable moment).

Much better!

This afternoon, I landed at Pottery Barn in search of master bedroom curtains. I wondered aimlessly around the store, becoming more and more apparent of my deep inadequacies in all things home decor. I meandered over to the curtains and fingered fabric panels. Twill or sailcloth, I pondered, feeling like the weight of my decision held as much significance as naming a child.

In the midst of my confusion, a young twenty-something salesclerk strolled over and offered her advice. I explained my desire to buy master curtains.

She chirped, "Oh, did you just move in to a new home?"

"No," I replied. "Actually, we've been there for six year."

She looked perplexed.

I started to explain my answer, but stopped. I suspected the young salesclerk wasn't a mom. She didn't understand yet just where the money for master bedroom curtains can go when four young children roam the house. If I had continued my answer, I would have explained the money for curtains was used for:

-habitual carpet cleaning to mop up all the remnants of four young boys,

-exorbitant amounts of gasoline used to shuttle four kids to school and a myriad of other activities,

-continuous replacement costs of worn out shoes, sweat pants, jeans, sports equipment, coats, and socks,

-massive amounts of food to fill four (seemingly) little tummies,

-library fees for overdue books,

-xray costs and dental charges,

-repair fees for battered walls, well-loved electronics, and defaced home decor,

-Christmas gifts, birthday parties, and Easter baskets,

-plumbing charges to fix a toilet stuffed with matchbox cars and car repairs when the DVD player gets doused with juice,

-private school tuition and preschool fees....

and on and on.

I'm imaging if I unloaded this list, I'd spook the salesclerk. So for now, I'll merely say curtains were not a priority. I'm guessing someday she'll understand.

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