Monday, December 26, 2011

What Not to Do the Day After Christmas

The boys model new hats and gloves gifted to them from Grandparents Wood.

This morning I had a return at the sporting good shop. For some insane reason, I pondered exchanging the too big running gear for a swim suit. I meandered into the dressing room, clinging to a handful of swimsuits, tags swishing against my legs.

As I yanked the lycra material over my fleshy thighs, I realized what a truly dreadful mistake I was making. After all, I've spent the last six weeks eating like I'd never wear a swimsuit again. October whizzed by in a flurry of Halloween candy. November was spent "trying out" Thanksgiving dishes and then feasting on that one glorious day. The month of December was a feeding frenzy. I didn't think twice as I gorged on handfuls of mini quiches and cheese dips at Christmas parties and downing fistfuls of delicious baked goods, compliments of my generous neighbors.

But, the swimsuit certainly displayed exactly what I'd been up to the last two months. It seemed to suction in my midsection and squeeze the insubordinate flesh into my extremities. I noticed even my knees and elbows began to look robust.

At that point, I peeled off the swimsuit, acknowledging there's a right time to try on swimsuits and today wasn't the day.

I'm going to spend the next few weeks working on my swimsuit ready diet, but wondering how I will celebrate Valentine's Day?

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