Monday, December 19, 2011

A Twist on the Advent Story

Years ago, we purchased a Fisher Price nativity scene playset. The set contained a manager with plastic figurines and barnyard animals. Each Christmas, the boys have a blast reconfiguring the scene and making up stories. I noticed Fisher Price advertises the product in this way: Children love retelling the story through play. I admit my children love retelling the advent story with the help of the set, but I've noticed they've added a few modifications and additional participants.

A few days ago a handful of matchbox cars arrived at the stable. Cooper worked with precision to position each and every vehicle in just the right spot around the stable perimeter. Gazing at the scene, the cars appear to have traveled a distance just to gaze at the Christ child.

Yesterday, a pack of dinosaurs descended on the stable. Joseph held strong against a Tyrannosaurus, but fell victim to a Pterodactyl. Wisely, the wise men were nowhere to be found.

This morning, Batman met up with Mary and Joseph. Everything was going fine until the three wise man arrived at the stable. All of a sudden, a ninja fight broke out: Mary, Joseph and Batman versus the wise men. Peace on Earth was yet to be found.

Right now, baby Jesus is missing. Wondering if he took cover?

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