Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wonderlab with Friends

We headed down to Bloomington with our friends, the Coreys and Hermacinskis. The boys had a great time at the Wonderlab and McDonald's (twice!). I thoroughly enjoyed being with such amazing moms and friends.

I have great pictures of the boys with Emma. I wish I snapped photos of the Corey crew and Annabel too!

With outdoor temperatures surpassing 50 degrees, I insisted that the boys run off some energy at Bryan Park. In the above photo, Cooper asked if he could jump into the creek. I wasn't surprised.

This morning, I was roused by Caleb standing in my bedroom door.

He cleared his throat and announced, "I've thrown up four times. The good news is the last one finally hit the toilet."

Of course, his comments begged the question: "What happened the first three times?"

When I dashed into Caleb's room, it was just as I expected. As a courtesy to all readers, I'll spare the details. Of course, Caleb was darting around the house within minutes, engaging in brotherly hijinks with vigor.

Kuddos to my sweet husband for insisting I go out for a run, and he clean it up!

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