Saturday, January 28, 2012

Boys Club

Look liners

The boys had a blast walking around the Super Bowl Village in downtown Indianapolis with some friends.

Caleb modeling his first official shirt and tie.

This afternoon, we took Caleb to buy his first shirt and tie. My husband selected a handful of ties and escorted him into the fitting room. He fiddled with the knot and offered Caleb a couple of tips. I watched my husband's demeanor; he seemed to sense that this was one of those monumental father-son moments and savored their shared experience. I imagined Chris would have lots of these moments with the boys in the future. I envisioned my husband providing teenage shaving lessons, dispensing dating tips, and offering marriage proposal pep talks. As happy as I was for Chris, a little part of me hurt. The advice fathers give their sons often can't be replicated by their mothers. That, I know.

I keep reminding myself being the only girl in a family has its benefits. I avoid the trips with the boys to public potties. I'm not asked to coach the teams. Strangers tell me I'm the "princess" in the house. But the thing is, most days I don't want to be the princess as much as part of the group.

Usually the boys look past my gender and adopt me into their male world, but on a day like today our differences emerge. I stand at the door, looking in, blaming my tiara for blocking the entrance.

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