Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cafeteria Concerns

The boys and I enjoyed a play date with Aunt Heather and cousins Will and Caroline.

The weather has been unseasonably warm. So warm that the boys can run around outside without coats. Of course, Cooper pleaded to throw on his swimsuit.

Caleb had an appointment this morning that took him out of school until lunch time. When we returned, I escorted him into the cafeteria. The room was buzzing with students and activity. We quickly spotted his third grade class in the back of the room. One of his teachers had already unpacked her lunch. An ensemble of girls found seats next to her. The boys gravitated towards the other end of the table.

Caleb took in the scene with much anxiety. He rushed over to the teacher and asked where his friend was sitting. Caleb's friend was absent. Fear seemed to grip Caleb. He quickly zoned in on another familiar face and glued himself to his classmate. They plopped down at the end of the table. Caleb wolfed down his lunch.

I watched the scene with a mixture of sadness and trepidation. Caleb looked like a fish out of water. I wanted so much to encase him in bubble wrap and protect him from all the stings and uncomfortableness of life. I pondered swooping in and returning him to the safe confines of home.

Instead, I left him at the cafeteria table and forced myself not to look back. I prayed let him just make one really good friend today. One friend would make the cafeteria a much friendlier place.

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