Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Coat Conflict

Caleb's third grade class is required to learn guitar. Perhaps the next Jimi Hendrix?

It's going to be a long winter. We barely have a toe in January and I'm ready for spring. I suppose my biggest frustration is my daily battle between the boys and their coats. It's funny, I have one son that refuses to take it off, and three others that refuse to put it on. As the weather has chilled, it's the three abstainers that provide me with the most grief.

I've tried everything. I've tried to give them a little control, letting them select which coat they'd like to wear. Of course, they picked the lightest, most inappropriate jacket possible. While everyone else was wearing parkas, they were clad in breezy raincoats.

Then, I tried logical parenting: they'll realize it's cold without a coat and put one on without my intervention. The thing is, they never seemed to get cold. Really, I think they'd rather have a full blown case of hypothermia than confirm their mother's right. So, they pranced around outside, clad in skimpy t-shirts and light weight pants. They smiled and act as if it was downright tropical. I cringed my teeth.

Finally, I decided coats were not optional. They looked at me as if I just declared war. Battle lines were drawn. Alliances were formed. Both sides stood ground. Finally, mom victory was had. Three little boys surrendered and pulled on their coats. Clad in winter gear, they begrudgingly piled into the car. Within seconds, they were shedding their jackets.

One broke the silence, "You didn't say how long we had to wear our coats?"

Did I mention it's going to be a long winter?

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