Monday, January 9, 2012

Cooper: One of a Kind

The little boys and I made homemade cookies today. Our sole goal was to make more than we eat.

Recently, I was asked to write about one of my sons. Here's what I wrote about Cooper:

When I first gazed at my third son, Cooper, I was shocked. He looked nothing like his two older brothers. The most striking difference was his full head of jet-black hair. He arrived looking a bit like Don King with unruly tresses that seemed to defy gravity. Despite all our attempts at proper primping, his rebellious locks always seemed to fan out from his scalp in a peacock like fashion.

He was also smaller than his older siblings: the tiniest in birth weight and the shortest in stature. At first I worried that his more petite physique could prove to be his handicap, especially in the inevitable scuffle with his older brothers. But as his personality emerged, I realized his innate moxie more than made up for any physical shortcomings. Cooper exhibited a fearlessness, curiosity and ingenuity on par with the likes of Evil Knievel or a Flying Wallenda. He’s what strangers refer to as “spirited,” “all boy,” or “spunky.”

He’s the one that taught me to quit asking “Why?” He’s the one that hurled a golf ball into a one-week old plasma TV. He’s the one that dove into the wishing well at the park. He’s the one that propped the skateboard on the top of the play set slide. Then as my heart skipped a beat, he whizzed down the slide screeching in pure delight. He’s the one that created the human pinball machine by convincing his little brother to stand at the base of the stairs, while he stood at the top clutching my large plastic exercise ball. Then, he erupted into giggles as the ball plummeted into his unsuspected brother. Need I go on? I didn’t even mention the homemade zip lines or the creation of the world’s largest sling-shot. Another time, perhaps.

And, just when my fingers are inches away from wringing his neck, Cooper breaks out into his signature fifty-watt smile. It’s the sort of smile that radiates from his mouth and lands in the twinkle in his eye. Then, he erupts into giggles, the sort of full belly kind that’s highly contagious.

I smile, then giggle, and then question, “Now, what did he do again?”

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