Monday, January 2, 2012

A Silver Lining

The temperatures turned frigid today paired with falling snow. We eyed the beautiful, warm weather at the Rose Bowl Parade and thought, "Maybe we should move to California?"

A few weeks ago, I was contently folding laundry downstairs as the boys peacefully played upstairs. Right in mid-fold, I heard Connor and Cooper shriek. In chorus they cried, "That's disgusting." Warning bells blared in my head. Those two have witnessed more than their share of truly repugnant things and never once batted an eye. For this sort of reaction to spring from their lips shot panic straight into my core.

I took my time, bracing myself for the worst. As I gazed upon the scene, it certainly didn't disappoint. I'll just say my newly potty trained son is still working on his proficiency with the commode. I'll also say, I've never so wished my wardrobe included a hazmat suit.

Fast forward two weeks and our family is beset by a nasty stomach bug. The last few days have been full of those memorable mom moments (to put it kindly). During those times, I'll think, "It could be worse." Then, I'll reflect on what happened just weeks ago.

The silver lining, I suppose.

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