Sunday, January 22, 2012

Thinking of Two

Collin and I celebrated our birthdays (two days apart) with one birthday cake. The boys picked out a delicious cake.

Chris and I got a sitter to celebrate my birthday. I love this picture because it shows our laundry baskets in the background. Unfortunately, laundry doesn't take a birthday break!

This morning, I opened his door and peered through the darkness. A little figure shot up in bed. I crept over to his dresser and snapped on the light. I gazed at two-year-old Collin, my baby. He rubbed his eyes, smiled, and then outstretched his hands. He murmured "mama." I scooped him into my arms and stroked his hair.

Today, I lingered over hugs and cuddles as it was the last morning I will hold a two-year-old. Tomorrow, Collin turns three. He'll be a big boy, he tells me. I nod my head in agreement while inwardly grieving the fact he's one year older.

Leaving the twos is hard for me. I'm probably the only mom in the world that absolutely adores two-year-olds. The year a child turns two, the world seems to open up to them. They learn to speak and certainly say the "darndest things." The best is when they say "mama" and later "I love you." Two-year-olds become more aware of the people in their lives. They start to play with other children and even develop favorite playmates. Personalities emerge at two-years-old. They express preferences and obsessions materialize (think Thomas the Train, or in our case...Batman).

Of course, two-year-olds are not without challenges. With a stronger voice and emerging personality, they ensure anyone and everyone is aware of how they feel about anything and everything. They'll wage war on car seats, coats, vegetables, and bedtimes. They'll explore the world, but not in the way envisioned, like by marking up couches with pen and spreading lipstick on mirrors.

At least, that describes my two-year-old.

Just when I'm tired of two-year-olds, he'll outstretch his arms and coo "cuddle me." I'll hold him and whisper "stay two forever."

He doesn't listen.

Suddenly, he's three.

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