Thursday, January 5, 2012

Winning Skills

Collin put his own winter hat on.

Connor participated in a basketball game tonight. From the beginning, the matchup seemed uneven. Should the score have been announced, it would have been a slaughter.

The opposing team played as if they moonlight for the Pacers. They shimmied down the basketball court, dribbling with ease. They seemed to have plays and know positions. They understood offense versus defense. They always shot at the proper hoop.

Connor's team was another story. Their bunch had a bad news bears sort of feel. They defended anyone and everyone, even their own teammates. They shot at whichever hoop was closest. They dashed down the court, dribbling was optional. They only truly livened up when the post game snacks were distributed.

As I escorted Connor off the court and into the parking lot, I imagined he would have been distraught. Instead he announced, "Did you see me dribble?"

I certainly did. Connor may not have made any baskets or guarded his opponent properly, but he learned to dribble. It had taken two basketball seasons to perfect and now he finally got it. He was so proud, and I gushed over his new found skill.

Connor's team may not have won, but he walked off the court a winner in my eyes.

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