Saturday, February 11, 2012


The little boys had dentist appointments yesterday. It was Collin's first trip to the dentist. He did great and changed before my eyes into a big boy!

Today, Collin attended a friend's 3rd birthday party. Collin toured the Zionsville fire station and then enjoyed a pizza/cupcake lunch. Collin was in heaven!

Tonight, the dinner conversation turned to the topic of bravery.

Caleb described bravery as a person that walks on a tight rope between Mount Everest peaks. True, but we pushed him to describe something a little more practical. His forward crinkled and a puzzled expression landed on his face.

I said, "Bravery is completing a swim lesson even when it's uncomfortable or doing a school project despite the fact it's hard."

His eyes flashed in recognition. He added, "Bravery is raising four boys."

I smiled and thought, Let's be brave together.

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