Saturday, February 18, 2012

Is There a Fashion Gene?

I volunteered at Cooper's preschool class on Thursday. Cooper and friend, Drew worked on counting candy hearts.

I really enjoyed visiting with my 90-year-old Grandma. She looks great!

Last night, we had a blast at our friend, Coby Maxwell's 40th birthday party. As always, I enjoyed time with my friend, Ali.

The weather continues to be nice, permitting lots of outdoor play.

Lately, I've been working with the boys on personal responsibility. So, when Connor left his coat at a neighbor's house, I thought it was a great time to put that principle into action. I helped Connor dial our neighbor's phone number and walked him through what to say. He got off the phone and announced he was running over to the neighbor's to retrieve his coat.

I watched him prepare for the journey; he pulled on canary yellow pajama shorts, a blue ski coat that was open to expose his bare chest, and my oversized black snow boots.

I smirked as I examined his ensemble and then questioned, "Connor, is that really want you want to wear to our neighbor's house?"

He nodded and dashed out the door.

I wasn't surprised when my neighbor called minutes later in full hysterics. She recounted Connor's outfit. Mid-giggle, she announced, "I really should have snapped a picture."

"No need," I said. "I think that image is burned into both of our minds."

It got me to thinking: when it comes to fashion, is it a matter of nature versus nurture? Are some kids born with the fashion gene? What about the rest? Do they pick up appropriate fashion cues as they age with exposure to their more fashion savvy peers or is it up to mothers to steer their children in the appropriate direction through gently nudging or strong-armed force?

Unfortunately for my boys, I'm pretty sure I'm not a fashion gene carrier. What Not to Wear would have a field day with plenty of my former and current duds. But, I do know a few things: Costume clad kids are only publicly accepted on Halloween. Pajamas can only be worn to school on designated pajama days (any other day and the teachers start to talk). It's not ok to wear a swimsuit to the park in February (a request from yesterday).

As for the more "grey" areas of fashion, well, we're learning together one bad outfit at a time.

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