Saturday, February 4, 2012

Making New Friends

Zbowl in Zionsville, a local celebration in conjunction with the Super Bowl. The two little boys and I whizzed down the slide. So fun!

Cooper and Collin attended a gymnastic party. It was Collin's first party to experience without mom. He was such a big boy!

This morning I babysat for a friend's two kids. Before they came over, I informed Collin that three-year-old Patrick would be coming over. Collin beamed and said, "He's my best friend." I smiled at the fact Collin labeled Patrick as his "best friend" as he's barely laid eyes on the boy. I guess I really wasn't surprised. It's amazing how many "best friends" my boys can accumulate within a day. Any trip to the park or visit to a local restaurant provides opportunities for new best friends. The only real criteria, it seems, is the child is the same general age as my sons.

After Collin made his comments, I thought about adult "best friends" versus kid "best friends." Once you surpass the adolescence, things just don't work the same way. Having a friend the same age is a consideration, but that's just the start. More than likely, a good friend shares similar experiences, interests, and life situations. Then, what separates the friends from the good friends is a development of trust, loyalty and kindness. These things aren't discovered in the course of one play date. They take time.

Although I may not accumulate as many best friends as the boys, I'm grateful for the deep, time-tested friendships I've maintained.

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