Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mishap versus Calamity

Cooper working on Valentine's card for his class.

This last week our family has been hit with a multitude of life speed bumps. I think it started with our first plumbing issue and then continued into yesterday's climax (let's hope). The final straw came when our accountant called with bad news. As he disclosed the final total owed, I reached for a chair and plopped myself down. Ouch, I muttered as I rubbed my temples.

A few minutes later, I relayed the call to Chris. He stayed calm and soaked in the news. How can he be so placid, I wondered? I've shown a greater reaction over an empty jar of peanut butter.

As I recounted our divergent reactions to my mom, she reminded me that Chris knows the difference between a bad day and a truly bad day. So true. As an ER doctor, he's constantly witnesses people's truly bad days. He sees terminal patients. He imparts new scary diagnoses. He passes along bad news to family members concerning their loved ones. Sometimes I wonder how many people weave his face with memories of their worst day?

I rethought my seemingly bad days. Plumbing woes and tax headaches are mishaps, not calamities. Thanks to my husband (and mom) for teaching me the difference.

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  1. To call plumbing and tax problems calamities would be a stretch. Thanks to your wonderful husband for reminding you that. Though I don’t really think one should feel guilty about being frustrated and pissed about these mishaps, just because other people had it worse. Anyway, I hope you’re through with all these little speed bumps along the row by now. Take care!

    Traci Romero @ Harris Plumbing