Monday, February 27, 2012

Phone Grief

The beautiful weather provided a great backdrop for a Sunday nature hike.

Chris's fancy phone met an untimely passing this week (thanks to one unexpected plunge into the commode). Chris took it hard, but I think Caleb took it harder. Each male went through the stages of grief:

Chris: Just dry it off a bit and in no time it will be up and running.

Caleb: Really, why can't they make phones that endure water?

Caleb: I promise I'll be good forever if that phone springs back to life.

Both: I'm not sure life's worth living without that phone.

Caleb felt they both needed closure before they could move onto the final stage of grief: acceptance. This afternoon, he proposed burying the phone in the backyard. (I suggested a cremation might be just as nice; Caleb reminded me he can't play with matches.) We tossed around the idea of a casket, but decided the phone's case could work just as well. Caleb proposed making a headstone constructed from popsicle sticks and cardboard. He suggested the words, "Here lies Dad's phone" might be appropriate for the headstone.

I told Caleb no funeral is complete without a eulogy. After a few moments, he said, "It was a good phone. I liked playing angry birds on it." Short, yet meaningful. Perfect.

The funeral has yet to happen as we're still working out details. Later, Caleb casually mentioned his grief could eradicate even quicker, without the need of a fancy funeral, if we merely bought a new (and better) phone.

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