Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Lessons in Love

A friend passed along a great Valentine's idea. Last year, she and her kids made a sign for her husband listing all the reasons he was loved. She then affixed the sign to the door leading to the house. Her husband was greeted by the sign when he arrived home that night. Evidently, he was thrilled.

I loved the idea and did the same for Chris this year. The kids and I found a poster board and listed Chris's most lovable aspects on the front. We then placed the sign on the door to our house. When Chris saw the sign, tears welled in his eyes. Later, he told me it was one of the nicest, most thoughtful things we've ever done for him.

Really, I thought later. The nicest thing ever? It's just poster board!

After more thought, I realized he's right; those little, thoughtful things can really touch a heart. For example, I was delighted when my friend Ali popped over yesterday with a chocolate cupcake from my favorite local bakery. And, my next door neighbor Michele was so thoughtful when she gave each one of the boys a Valentine's candy box. Each gesture showed so much loved to our family.

So often we think loving gestures are best expressed in grandiose ways. Really, love is best demonstrated when it is thought out and from the heart.

The cost of a full love tank...priceless.

Valentine's goodies for the kids from us and Ali Maxwell.

Yummy candy gift from our sweet (literally) neighbor, Michele.

The boys were so excited to receive thoughtful valentine's cards from both grandparents.

Caleb performed his poem "Iguana Rap" at his school's Valentine's party.

Memaw and Papa came to watch him perform.

Proud parents.
Caleb posed with his grandparents.

This was the first time he's worn a tie. I asked him what he thought about wearing a tie. He said, "I feel important." I told him he was important, tie or not.

We capped off Valentine's Day with carryout sushi served on our nice plates in the dining room. Caleb was the only one that warmed to sushi.

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