Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Baby Buzz

Yesterday, Cooper said summer and winter got confused. It certainly seems that way. It's still technically winter with weather forecasted for 80 degrees this afternoon. The boys played so hard yesterday that Collin zonked out in the car.

A childhood friend shot out an email gushing with the news. At almost 39, she was expecting her first baby. Her excitement radiated off the screen. It caused me to reminesce about my first pregnancy and the similar emotions I held as my belly swelled with my first baby. I spent nine months eagerly anticipating and planning his arrival. When he appeared, I was in love.

But after the first pregnancy, those emotions seemed to change. I greeted each new baby with an equal amount of excitement, but it was tempered by experience, rooted in the reality of child rearing. I pondered my change in emotions. Does the fact that I was less giddy with my fourth pregnancy signify I valued or cared less about that baby than my first? Of course not, but things had changed.

I began to think of my emotions as I would a seasoned relationship. At first, everything is new and exciting. With time and the onset of reality, the excitement dwindles but lends itself to a deeper love and admiration. It's the same with my babies. The giddiness flickered but the appreciation of the miraculous gift of life grew with each new child.

I'm so happy for my friend and her new pregnancy buzz. Someday, her infatuation will blossom into true love. I can tell her, there's certainly is nothing like it.

Evidently, Dateline is doing a piece on my college friend, Rusty's death (to right). They asked for college photos and I emailed a few. Here's one of Rusty, his wife Andrea and me. It was really sad to unearth old photos last night. I'm grieving for his children that lost a wonderful dad.

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