Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Hole to China

In my neighbor Sy's yard sits a cluster of trees. The tree branches mesh together to form a canopy over a pile of gravel and dirt. Some may consider this barren patch an eyesore, but to the neighbor kids, it's a little slice of paradise.

This afternoon, warm temperatures and blue skies drew neighbor kids outdoors. My boys raced to the pit, greeted by other neighbor children who had already begun to congregate. At first, the kids took turns burying Matchbox cars within the recesses of the gravel and dirt.

Then, a better, bigger idea was announced. Perhaps, they could dig a hole to China. I watched their reactions. Quickly the children fell into two categories: the dreamers and the realists. The dreamers jumped at the idea, dragging a backhoe (under my supervision) from the garage and vigorously and repetitively jabbing the dirt surface. The realists stood on the side, shaking their heads. One uttered, "That's just crazy. You can't dig a hole half-way across the world." But, the dreamers would not be deterred. They intensified their efforts and worked on strategy. After awhile, even the realists caved and joined in the fun.

By the time kids were summoned back home for dinner, the hole only formed a slight hiccup in Sy's yard. The naysayers were right; they never reached China. But, that didn't seem to upset the kids. Every child left happy, giddy even, from the afternoon activities.

As I thought about the scene, I realized how sometimes the adventure can be much more fun than the destination.

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