Thursday, March 8, 2012

Making Friends

We had a rocky weekend with Caleb that definitely pulled me into despair. I tried to focus on the lesson I've learned from the past: his journey can be bumpy at times, but he continues to move forward.

Last night, I watched him take a giant leap forward.

I took all four boys to the high school aquatics center for swim lessons. My three little boys joined their class in the pool. Caleb and I watched the scene from an upstairs viewing area. Usually, I plop down near a bunch of girlfriends and divide my time between spectator and friend. Caleb brings a few books and curls up in a corner, quickly engrossed in the pages.

Last night, I watched him meander over to a group of boys. He hovered around the boys as they played with Legos and trading cards. Then, he approached the group and joined in the activities. I held my breath, wondered how the boys would react. The boys seemed pleased. Caleb quickly morphed into the average adolescent boy.

For many a mom, this event would seem commonplace. But, for the mom of an Aspie, it's a milestone. I wanted to rush home and whip out his baby book and document this momentous occasion.

Hope rushed from my insides. Perhaps, he would be social. Maybe, he'll make lots of friends. Hopefully, this is one small glimpse into what's to come.

As the swim lesson finished, I pulled Caleb away from his new friends.

He was happy, and so was I.

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