Saturday, March 24, 2012

Remembering Kindness

Annabel and Collin over three years ago.

My friend Cara emailed me a picture yesterday. The photograph shows three-year-old Annabel clutching four-day-old Collin. Under the picture, Cara wrote, "Remember this?"

How can I not!

The day this picture was taken was my first day home from the hospital after Collin's birth. That day, Chris went back to work. To top it off, snow walloped our house and school was cancelled. I was cocooned inside my house with my four young sons, ages six to newborn. To say I was a tad bit overwhelmed would be an understatement.

I tried to keep it together. I honestly did. But, my wise friend Cara knew better, sensing I may need a wee bit of help. She called me and announced my whole crew would come over to her house for a play date. She even maneuvered through the snow drifts to pick us up.

Once at her house, she showered me with help and attention. I lounged on her couch while she fed me, allowing me to tend to my newborn in peace. My other three boys descended on her basement, frolicking with her girls. It was rowdy and I'm sure her basement was destroyed, but Cara didn't seem to mind. She announced, "We'll only go downstairs if we see blood." And, so we sat in the peace and quiet of her living room.

Cara got me through that first day and many days thereafter. When she asked, "Do you remember?" I think, "How can I forgot?"

The kindness of a friend is never forgotten.

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