Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sick Mom Pass

We made these treats for Connor's last basketball game.

Breakfast for Dinner.
Collin couldn't be happier.

I've come down with a nasty flu-like bug, as diagnosed by Dr. Wood. The last day or two, I've been exhausted with a myriad of aches. Rather than blog about all my woes, I'd like to write about the upside to being a sick mom.

It is well known that sick moms don't get a day off, but I do believe sick moms get a "sick pass" of sorts. The "sick pass" lowers the domestic and hygienic expectations normally tagged to a healthy mother without one single family member saying a word.

When mom's sick, her "sick pass" lets her:

-Leave dinner dishes scattered on the kitchen counter until the next morning

-Go days on end without showering

-Wear pajamas from morning until night

-Let laundry stack to the ceiling

-Turn the TV into the babysitter

-Serve meals from a cereal box

-Plop down on the couch without one lick of guilt and cuddle her boys (praying they don't get it too). A few hugs does wonders for the heart of a sick mom.

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