Monday, March 12, 2012

Stealth Escape

The weather has been absolutely beautiful the last few days. Of course, the boys broke out water guns. (I stopped them from pulling on their swimsuits.)

Cooper clutched J. R. R. Tolkien's massive Lord of the Rings book. He told me he was going to read it during the night (an extremely lofty goal for a new reader). I suggested Dad might help him. They enjoyed reading a little together before bed.

This morning, Caleb was discussing how he could leave the house. He described cutting a small sliver of his window and sending out a string in the crack. Then, he would attach the string to a roof shingle. He'd crawl out the window and land on the roof. Then, he'd toss the string to a nearby tree. He'd somehow fasten the string around the tree trunk and then catapult himself onto a branch and down the trunk, landing with a kerplunk on the ground.

The boys listened to the very detailed description of the escape. Finally, Connor piped in, "Caleb, couldn't you just exit out the door?"

Caleb replied, "Sure, but that's not stealthy enough."

Four heads nodded in agreement. They all concurred, where's the fun in simply leaving out the door?

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