Friday, April 27, 2012

Becoming Fluent in Mime

The boys took a spectator posture at the end of our driveway, as if they were ready to watch a parade.  Still not sure what they were waiting for on our sleepy street.

Last night, the boys and I sat around the dinner table.  I broached the subject of foreign languages and asked the boys if they'd like to study one.  They all sat and contemplated my question before Connor piped up.  "I'd like to speak mime," he announced.  His three brothers spun around and shot him looks of adoration.  Just like that, Connor began to "practice" his language skills.  He started with a few impromptu hand and facial gestures.  Then, he began accepting requests.  The boys shouted out:

Be a bird.

Now, a lizard.

Connor twisted his torso and worked his hands to comply with each request.  His brothers watched in giddy amazement.  

Then, they amplified their requests, choosing more complicated appeals.  

Act like a runner caught in a tornado.

Be a rock climber racing a shark.

By this time, three brothers howled as they watch Connor's body contort and his expressions fluctuate.

As Connor's dinner theater came to a close, ideas were tossed around about bringing Connor's act to the street (end of our driveway).  They plan to place Connor on the sidewalk with a homemade sign and a hat for tips.

I'm not so sure about the profitability of the act, but I have to say the dinner performance was priceless.

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