Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Florida in Pictures

Warning: This blog contains a plethora of pictures from our Naples, Florida spring break vacation. I had trouble keeping even one precious photo off the blog...too many good memories, too many wonderful family members.

Chris's parents took our family and cousin Grace on a pirate ship. I had serious reservations about the excursion before the ride. I imagined multiple kids dangling from the boat and plunging into the ocean. My fears washed away when we entered the boat. The "pirates" did an excellent job entertaining the kiddos during the two hour ride.

Thanks to the Woods for their generosity.

My brother Matt and his family joined us for some of the trip. I snuggled with my niece Caroline and caught up with my sister-in-law, Heather.

We took all the kids to the beach. Lesson learned from this picture: swimsuits are not meant to be handed down four times. Looks like the elastic lost its zing!

I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with my Dad and brother Matt. We took all the kids to Fujiyama for dinner. So fun! Of course, Cooper LOVED the fire!

We visited the newly opened Children's Museum of Naples (CMON). We waited in line for an hour, but the boys found it well worth the wait.

When we had too much water play, we'd hit the park. The boys also enjoyed their individual dates with Memaw and Papa.

The boys participated in an Easter egg hunt in Bonita Springs hosted by an ice cream shop and church. The flyers said 18,000 eggs were strewn on the ground. All 18,000 eggs were collected in three minutes!

Of course, Chris and I left Easter basket purchases until Saturday night. The Target Easter shelves were completely bare. We scrounged together a few drug store finds and stuffed them into a basket.

My mom and I modeled our Easter dresses.
(Still trying to find good shoes to match the dress, not loving the ones in the picture.)

With some time to kill before we entered a plane back to Indiana, we toured a nature preserve. Caleb was in heaven as the place was packed with reptiles. We did take the 1 1/2 mile nature hike through Florida brush where the boys saw a snake slithering near the path. I was definitely out of my comfort zone!

We had a wonderful time in Florida. So grateful for the wonderful family (Memaw, Papa, Grandparents Wood, Uncle Matt, Aunt Heather and the cousins) that accompanied us on the trip and helped with the boys!

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